New York Bowfishing

Nighttime Bowfishing with Frontenac Fowlers

Just another night of bowfishing on the Finger Lakes.

Two minutes after the boat leaves shore, an enormous outline appears below the surface. You draw your bowstring taut and aim low.

The arrow flies from your fingers, trailing line, and disappears beneath the surface.

For a moment, nothing happens. You start to wonder if you missed.

Then the line zips out. Waves ridge the water as the carp you’ve harpooned plows ahead, and suddenly you’re struggling against more than 40 pounds of fighting fish.

The night is just getting started.

Instant Action

Frontenac Fowlers offers rapid-fire bowfishing in the beautiful Finger Lakes of upstate New York. During virtually any part of the season, you’ll shoot at carp from the instant the boat reaches open water until you land four hours later.

Species Available

You can expect to pull in plenty of common carp and grass carp. Occasionally, we get a chance on wild goldfish, which make beautiful, one-of-a-kind trophies.

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Your Bowfishing Itinerary

If you choose the package with the optional shore dinner, your night will start at 7 PM. You’ll share a barbecue at the Fowler’s Roost lodge and have a chance to get acquainted. The food is honest summer fare, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, BLTs and salads.

The adventure begins at precisely 9 PM. We pick up everyone at the Frontenac Park dock and take a moment to talk safety. Once we finish briefing everyone, we board the boat, kick on the generator and illuminate the water with our state-of-the-art LED floodlights.

Then it’s arrows nocked and eyes peeled.

When the action gets fast, you have nothing to worry about but how quickly and accurately you can shoot. We’ll take care of the boat. When you nail a fish, our hardworking deckhands will handle it so you can turn your attention back to the water.

Our deckhands will also make sure that everyone stays safe while shooting. Additionally, if you have trouble hitting your targets, they’ll analyze your shots and let you know how you need to adjust them. Most of our guests only need to be reminded of the cardinal rule of bowfishing: aim low.

As you haul in one fish after another, we’ll pile them up in a bucket on the lower deck. We never allow fish on the shooting deck. The big carp can actually pose a serious safety hazard!

By the time 1 AM arrives, most of our shooters are exhausted from the constant action. Only then do we cruise back to the dock.

Before parting ways, we’ll give you a chance to take photos and exchange some well-earned congratulations. You’ll go home feeling like you’ve just had the best night of the year . . . until you come back for a second run.

4 Hours of Guided Bowfishing for Just $100

We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class experience for a price anyone can afford. Our four-hour fishing charters cost just $100 per shooter. You can choose to add the shore dinner for $25 extra. We supply all professional equipment to our guests along with bow's for left and right shooters.

Call us at (315) 406-4763 or drop us a message here to start planning your bowfishing expedition today. We look forward to getting you out on the water!


Sport Fishing & Bow Fishing $100/man

$125 w/ Shore Lunch

$175 w/ Dinner and Lodging