Experience Adventure With Our Finger Lakes Fishing Charters

Finger Lakes Sport fishing with Frontenac Fowlers

Picture this: It’s a slightly dark, brisk Summer morning. Standing on the dock, cup of coffee in hand, you await the arrival of the vessel that is to take you on your morning fishing adventure.

You gaze over the seemingly still waters before boarding the boat. You take notice of the fishing rods…they are already pre-set for you. As you settle in, your eyes catch a glimpse of something else, a small cooler, ready and waiting for your prized fish. Determination sets in.

The safety orientation begins, you listen carefully, not wanting anything to hinder what you and your party are about to embark on. As the safety orientation draws to an end, you take one last swig of your coffee.

The boat sets sail. It’s “go-time” aboard the “Paddles Up” sport fishing fleet!

Welcome to Frontenac Fowlers guided freshwater sportfishing charters on the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York.

Discover the Joy of Finger Lakes Fishing

For over 20 years, we’ve provided anglers with outstanding fishing experiences on Cayuga, Seneca, Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes. Our knowledgeable guides will help you hook into a variety of prized gamefish and create lasting memories that will keep you coming back year after year.

  • Experienced local captains who know the lakes inside and out
  • Prime fishing spots that would be difficult to reach on your own
  • All gear is provided – just bring yourself and your license
  • Learn valuable fishing techniques from the experts
  • Increase your chances of a successful day of catching with a guide
  • Enjoy the natural scenery and beauty of the Finger Lakes
  • Relax and make memories while your captain handles the boat
  • Catch a variety of freshwater species like trout, bass, and more
  • Well-maintained boats with everything needed for comfortable fishing trips

Come Fish With the Experts

With Frontenac Fowlers Finger Lakes fishing charters, you’ll benefit from the expertise of seasoned guides who have spent decades on these waters. We understand the lakes and know exactly where to find fish, no matter the conditions.

Our active guiding style means you’ll be casting alongside your guides the entire time in search of your target species. There’s no sitting back while others do the work – you’ll be right in the heart of the action from the moment we push off from the dock.

Rods and Reels Rigged and Ready to Go

In addition to the unmatched local knowledge of our team, our New York fishing charter boats are fully outfitted for success. Premium rods and reels are rigged and ready to go at every seating position. Electronics like fish finders and GPS keep us locked onto fish-rich areas.

From swivels and pole winders to terminal tackle and ice for your catch, we supply it all so you can focus solely on reeling in your personal best.

Wide Variety of Gamefish

What’s so exciting about Finger Lakes fishing is the incredible diversity of freshwater species just waiting to be caught. Depending on the time of year and location, you could hook into:

Lake Trout: Also known as Mackinaw, these are the apex predators of the deep. They are brilliant fighters that can reach 25+ pounds.

Landlocked Salmon: These are feisty fish that return to spawn each fall. Their succulent rich red flesh makes them excellent table fare.

Brown Trout: Wily and acrobatic, these mid-size trout are a classic sportfish.

Rainbow Trout: This scrappy trout is beloved by anglers of all ages. Young specimens in the 1-3 pound range abound.

Small and Largemouth Bass: Punchy topwater action awaits when you’re chasing these perennial favorites on points and weedlines.

Walleye: This prized panfish, famous for its white, flaky fillets, is best caught after dark.

Northern Pike: An ambush predator, so be sure to test your drag with toothy strikes from shadowy depths.

Pan Fish: Bluegill, pumpkinseed, perch, and crappie provide plenty of fun when numbers are biting.

And those are just the favorites! On any given day, you could encounter unusual bycatch like muskellunge, carp or catfish, too. The diversity guarantees you’ll bring home a fine supper, along with some unforgettable memories.

Guided Fishing Trips

We understand that not every angler fishes for the fight – many love enjoying nature’s beauty from the water. That’s why our Finger Lakes fishing charter service is more than just time spent fishing. 

Enjoy the relaxing peace and quiet as you sail past scenic cliffs and vineyards, or pause for a while among lily pads thick with great blue herons and waterfowl. Feel free to linger and take it all in while you learn about the local ecology from your guide. Along the way, you might see bald eagles soaring, dam-building beavers, or otters playing – there’s always a surprise around the next corner in these amazing unspoiled places.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

There’s simply no better way to spend a morning, afternoon, or full-day than discovering the thrill of Finger Lakes fishing. Time on the water with family and friends lets you freshen your perspective, challenge yourself, strengthen family bonds, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your unforgettable fishing charter adventure. You’ll be glad you did!

Bounty from the Boat

Of course, every freshwater fishing fan hopes to bring home a great catch. That’s why all our fishing charter trips include an insulated cooler to keep your catches fresh until it’s time to clean and cook them. Some folks also like to keep a second cooler on board for snacks, meals, and liquid refreshments to enjoy during the outing.

Indulge in a Shore Lunch or Dinner

For an additional $50 per person, you can upgrade any charter to include a shore lunch or dinner. Picture salmon or peppered trout sandwiches with coleslaw on a sandy beach. Or savor a shoreline fry with potatoes, corn and all the fixings after a morning of battling bass and ‘eyes.

Hook to Cook, We’ve Got You Covered

Our fishing friends come from all over to enjoy the Finger Lakes – we’re talking Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maine, even Quebec and Ontario. With dining options ranging from casual to culinary, Frontenac Fowler’s enthusiastic guides will ensure you’ll leave our lakes satisfied from hook to cook. Come build memories, make new friends, and fill your cooler with us. This truly is fishing at its finest!

Pricing for Every Angler

We pride ourselves on providing world-class guiding for sport fishing at prices any family or group can afford. Our standard 4-hour morning or afternoon charters start at just $150 per person. For the ultimate fishing getaway, you can upgrade your trip to a half-day, 6-hour charter for $200. Twilight and overnight trips are also available for muskie, bass and catfish fanatics.

Between our commitment to honest value and guaranteed satisfaction, we don’t think you can beat Frontenac Fowler’s Finger Lakes fishing trips dollar for dollar.

The Incomparable Finger Lakes Call

Book one of our Finger Lakes fishing charters today to reel in some spectacular fishing memories that will last forever.

Until we meet on the water, tight lines and fair winds, fishing friends!

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4 Hours of Guided Freshwater Sport fishing starting at $150 per person!

We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class experience for a price anyone can afford. Our 4-hour fishing charters start at only $150 per person on weekdays and $150 per person on weekends. Our 1/2 day (6 hour) fishing charters start at just $200 per person. You can choose to add the shore lunch or dinner to any charter package for an additional $50 per person.

Call us at (315) 406-4763 to start planning your fishing expedition today. We look forward to getting you out on the water!

Weekday Rates – 4 hour trips (Monday – Friday)

$150 per person

Add a shore lunch or dinner – $200 per person

Add overnight lodging at The Fowler’s Roost – $250 per person

Add overnight lodging and shore meal – $300 per person

Weekend Rates – 4 hour trips (Saturday – Sunday)

$150 per person

Add a shore lunch or dinner – $200 per person

Add overnight lodging at The Fowler’s Roost – $250 per person

Add overlight lodging and shore meal – $300 per person

— NEW 1/2 Day Rates – 6 hour trips —

$200 per person

Add a shore lunch or dinner – $250 per person

Add overnight lodging at The Fowler’s Roost – $300 per person

Add overlight lodging and shore meal – $350 per person

*** Gratuity not included, but appreciated! ***

*Important Information to Note before Booking*

  • A fishing license is required to book a trip with us (resident and non-resident) – To purchase a license, click HERE
  • Only severe high winds or lightning conditions will be cause for rebooking
  • Please, come prepared with the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions forecasted for the entire trip duration

Experience a Day of Freshwater Sport fishing with Frontenac Fowlers!